It was supposed to be an ordinary camping trip

When Kat Jenkins awakens to the police on her doorstep, her greatest fear is realized. Her nine-year-old son, Ethan, is missing—vanished from the cabin where he’d been on an overnight field trip with his class. Shocked and distraught, Kat rushes to the campground where he was last seen. But she’s too late; the authorities have returned from their search empty-handed after losing Ethan’s trail in the mountain forest.

Another mother from the school, Stef Huntington, seems like she has it all: money, prominence in the community, a popular son and a loving husband. She hardly knows Kat, except for the vicious gossip that swirls around Kat’s traumatic past. But as the police investigation unfolds, Ethan’s disappearance will have earth-shattering consequences in Stef’s own life—and the paths of these two mothers are about to cross in ways no one could have anticipated.

Racing against the clock, their desperate search for answers begins—one where the greatest danger could lie behind the everyday smiles of those they trust the most.

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Praise for Three Days Missing

"A missing child, a ticking clock — every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Kimberly Belle delivers the goods — a rocket-paced story with a heart that will keep you riveted through every hairpin twist and turn. Breathless suspense!" Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of The Red Hunter

"Gripping and compelling with great characterization, Three Days Missing is a first-class read." BA Paris, New York Times bestselling author of Bring Me Back

"Kimberly Belle delivers Three Days Missing with a powerful punch and a skillfully twisting plot that flings you headlong into a riveting conclusion that you’ll never see coming." Chevy Stevens, NYT bestselling author of Never Let You Go

“A missing child, a desperate mother, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing - Three Days Missing has all the right stuff for an engaging, suspenseful read.”  Wendy Walker, bestselling author of Emma In the Night

“Three Days Missing is a highly entertaining thriller with crisp writing, believable characters, and a plot that delivers. Every page deserved another and another until I almost swallowed this book in one sitting.” Julia Heaberlin, USA Today bestselling author of Black-Eyed Susans

“Three Days Missing is exactly what you want in a thriller—riveting, edge-of-your-seat storytelling. When an eight-year-old is kidnapped from a remote Georgia campground, two seemingly opposite mothers fight to recover the boy. Every minute counts as Belle keeps the story racing to its gripping end, but the most intriguing element of the book is the interplay between disparate characters. Belle resists easy conclusions and nearly every relationship—be it spouse, family, friend, or foe—doubles down on its intricacies during the course of the action, making readers acutely aware of the unfathomable space between ourselves and others. Absolutely unputdownable. I couldn’t let go of this book until I’d devoured the last page.” Mindy Mejia, bestselling author of Everything You Want Me to Be

"Kimberly Belle’s novels push us into our biggest fears - plane crashes, infidelity, missing children - and wrap stories around them that won’t let you go. Three Days Missing is a chilling, twisty tale pitting two moms against each other in a desperate search for a boy, and the truth. Gripping." Kaira Rouda, bestselling author of Best Day Ever

"Kimberly Belle's Three Days Missing is her best book yet. And that's saying a lot. This one is vividly written, emotional, and engaging, with real, three-dimensional characters who will always keep you guessing. And the's a right cross to the reader's jaw I never saw coming. Buckle up and turn the pages as fast as you can. This one's a winner!" David Bell, bestselling author of Bring Her Home

“Three Days Missing is a taut, intelligent, heart-pounding thriller about two mothers whose lives intersect when the unimaginable happens and a little boy goes missing. Belle weaves a spellbinding tale of suspense and family drama that twists and turns until the final pages. I couldn't put it down!Karen Kutcher, author of The Sisters of Blue Mountain

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